Welcome to our suppliers' area


This suppliers’ area has been designed for Transgene buyers as a real platform to exchange information with their suppliers, our objective being to improve the quality of communication between buyers and suppliers at each stage of the purchasing process.

How is purchasing organised at Transgene?

The purchasing function was launched in 1993. At the time, it was mainly in charge of “labware” purchases. The purchasing team has progressively grown and taken over additional scopes: production purchasing, general purchasing, analyses, services, subcontracting and more, and, more recently, clinical and intellectual services.

Today, Transgene’s buyers manage an annual expenditure of over 25 million euros covering twenty purchasing categories that break down into 4 major areas:

  • Production/ Research purchasing
  • Non- Production purchasing
  • Investment purchasing
  • Clinical purchasing


What are Transgene buyers responsible for?

  • Implementing the purchasing strategies for the categories they are in charge of, in order to optimise
  • Transgene’s spending, by bringing added value and expertise into the
  • process of acquiring goods and services.
  • Monitoring their suppliers’ markets, negotiating and constantly seeking out
  • the best offers and checking that their suppliers meet Transgene’s
  • requirements in terms of quality of the product or service supplied, compliance,
  • optimum cost, on-time delivery.
  • Providing support to in-house customers, from the submission of their request and throughout the entire
  • purchasing process.
  • Setting up and heading “products” purchasing groups to draw up
  • functional specifications
  • Conducting calls for tender; receiving, analysing and comparing bids
  • Negotiating and implementing purchasing contracts
  • Managing the supplier listing and measuring their performance


Pascale ULRICH
Head of Purchasing & Supply Chain

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